Looking for a First-Class Will and Inheritance Tax Planning

Why our services?

Everyone over 18 years with any assets and/or children needs a will. Don’t put off making your will if you think it’s too complicated. We will take that worry away from you and give you the solutions.

Good planning reaps dividends.  New Inheritance Tax laws (2017) can be very confusing and trip people up – Inheritance Tax planning is our speciality.

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We value referrals.

Most of our business is won by receiving many referrals which is a testament to the quality of our service.

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Now is the time to think of the future

The actions you can take now can minimise the Inheritance Tax liabilities you may have and the problems your relatives may get by you not having a will

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Will Writing

We will create your own personal will including any trust that you may need. Making a will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out. All our wills are stored free of charge and registered with Certainty, the National Will Register.

We access all forms of trusts, depending on the situation of the individuals concerned.

The Protective Property Trust and the Bespoke Discretionary Trust are arguably the most common trusts in use today. We will give you advice regarding Inheritance Tax Planning as part of this instruction process. Trusts can help you significantly with these issues:  third party intervention, care home fees, sideways disinheritance, bankruptcy and divorce.

Inheritance Tax Planning

The taxman charges 40% inheritance tax on everything he can

This is critical as the new tax law, the RNRB (Residence Nil Rate Band), states that it is not given automatically and has to be claimed for your children. The Inheritance Tax threshold has been frozen since 2009 at £325.000.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Everyone over 50 should put this in place for their future peace of mind.  If you have investments, you may need an ‘Attorney’ to release funds for you or your family in the future. You may also need them to sell your property if you become incapacitated. If you have a medical situation, your attorney can make decisions in your best interest.

Funeral Planning

We offer a wide range of different funeral plans across the market. All are guaranteed.

Pre paying funeral plans saves you money by fixing the price now.

Planning ahead gives you peace of mind. It gives you the chance to be clear on what you want at your funeral.

Business Trusts

BPR, introduced in 1976, means a family business can now be passed down through generations with no Inheritance Tax.

If you buy and hold shares in qualifying companies you can pass on these shares if you wish without any Inheritance Tax liability as long as certain rules are adhered to.

You are able to purchase any number of shares as you desire. Please be aware that such tax benefits and tax rules can change.


Meers Legal is a full member of
the Society of Will Writers.


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