When a loved one passes, it is extremely stressful and emotional for the whole family, yet many critical decisions must be made at this most difficult time. Dealing with Inheritance Tax issues, transferring assets, creditors and winding up an estate, can be a long and complex legal process.

We have identified that your estate may well have an Inheritance Tax liability. The survivor, on first death, will need to have advice on how to set up the inherited estate for optimum tax efficiency.

Our comprehensive support package assists you and your children to look after each other when a member of your family passes. We call this the 'PEACE OF MIND PACKAGE'. One lifetime payment only.

We help your children, beneficiaries, Trustees and Executors and any claims against the estate.

The job of administering your affairs (probate) can be a daunting prospect involving dealing with all the assets and liabilities. This usually involves Inheritance tax, which can be complex and take a long time. When you organise your affairs with us, we will help everyone concerned in your family. This can reduce any conflict that may be created by a death.

Our mantra is to give you the best possible client care – at all stages in the process.

As well as arranging the funeral, getting Probate from the court, changing ownerships, selling property and getting money to expectant beneficiaries, you need to make critical decisions regarding your taxes at this time. Assets can be frozen by the court, so getting legal probate quickly – really matters – especially if there is a family business involved.

This is where your dedicated Personal Estate Manager can help you foresee and make the correct decisions about all these issues. Specifically the Nil Rate Band (NRB) and the new Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) tax allowances. No call centre queues – you have direct phone and email contact. Mistakes can be very costly. Thereby giving you Peace of Mind, as well as possible tax savings.

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